🎁Wrap Tokens

How to wrap fungible tokens into Shell

Wrapping tokens is the simplest way to get started with Shell Protocol. Wrapping a token does not affect its value or your balance. It simply switches the ledger on which ownership of the token is recorded. (In this case, ownership of Shell-wrapped tokens is recorded on the Ocean, Shell's accounting hub.)

How to wrap tokens

To wrap a token, first pick the token that you want to wrap in the 'Swap from' field. In the box below, pick the 'sh-' version of your token.

You'll notice 'Swap from' now says 'Wrap from.'

Fill in the numbers for how many tokens you want to wrap, and click 'Wrap Token." That's it!

Why wrap tokens?

You can earn Shell Points with comparatively low risk simply by wrapping tokens into Shell during the guarded launch. Wrapping tokens will make it easier and cheaper to use them with Shell primitives later on.

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