Shell-Native Primitives

About building natively on Shell

Why build natively on Shell?

Shell Protocol simplifies and cuts down on the code you have to write, making it an excellent place to start new projects. In addition, its novel and hyper-efficient architecture opens up several app possibilities that were previously very difficult or infeasible.

Building on Shell means you can compose complex atomic transactions or create precise AMMs without writing a single line of Solidity code. It means your financial primitives will require no accounting logic, making them simpler and easier to understand. It means your users will pay up to 4x less gas and gain access to more capital-efficient liquidity pools with fungible LP tokens.

There is no downside to being an early Shell-native primitive. Even at its highest, gas costs for Shell primitives are no higher than those of existing DeFi protocols. But as the ecosystem grows, there will be more and more opportunities to compose primitives on the Oceanβ€Šβ€”β€Šenabling complex, low-gas transactionsβ€Šβ€”β€Šand drawing in increasingly more users, builders, and assets.


This section covers some of the first primitives to launch natively on Shell and ideas for new primitives.

Due to Shell's unusual architecture, some information about Shell primitives such as TVL are difficult to interpret on Arbiscan (the motivation for Shellscan). Instead, this information can be found directly on the Shell App.

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