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A guide to getting quota for earning Shell Points



Since the start of Season Two, you can earn Shell Points on many pools without any quota!

Some experimental pools may still require quota. During the guarded launch, quota was required to be eligible to earn Shell Points. Refer to this section to read more about why quotas were required.

There are two ways to get quota. The first is by having been included in the initial quota allotment, as announced on September 2, 2022. The second is by applying expanders, which are artifacts from Bro Kwon's Booty. Remember, you will be able to wrap and hold tokens in excess of your quota, but the excess will not count toward your daily Shell Point gain.


There are five different quota expanders that, when activated, will permanently increase your token quotas. Each type of expander has a different level of power: Smashed Expander (good), Standard Expander (great), Chunky Expander (fantastic), Expando-Chad (unbelievable) and Bro Kwon’s Mastermind (holy Satoshi, this is awesome). You can activate as many expanders as you wantβ€”each one simply adds additional quota to your token quotas.

Expanders can now be purchased on secondary markets such as OpenSea.

Initial Quota Allotment (Concluded)

As announced September 2, 2022, approximately half of initial quota went toward LPs in Shell v1, and the other half of initial quota was distributed per-toucan.

For Shell v1 LPs, quota was based on the percent of total TVL you contributed over the life cycle of the pool. The actual formula is a bit more complicated, but that’s the general framework. This formula was applied to a snapshot of Shell v1 from its launch until 11:59 pm Hawaii Time on Thursday, September 1, 2022. No LP activity after the end of that snapshot affected quota allocation.

For toucan holders, we’ve made it simple. For every toucan in your wallet at the moment we take our toucan snapshot, you will receive roughly $5 USD of quota for each of the current and near-future tokens on Shell v2. If Alice holds 50 toucans, for example, her initial quota for each pool and wrapped token will be around $250 USD. This toucan snapshot was taken at noon Pacific Time on Friday, September 9th, 2022. Your initial quota from toucan ownership will be allotted based on however many toucans are held in your wallet at that exact moment in time.

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