Crafting recipes allow users to combine artifacts in order to mint a new artifact with different powers. New recipes may become available at times during the guarded launch or for special crafting events. Click here to read about the first Shell crafting challenge for the 2023 lunar new year.

Different recipes may require any artifact as ingredients (expanders, boosters, or miscellaneous).

Warning: just like opening crates and activating items, crafting a new artifact is irreversible. That means you won’t ever be able to deconstruct your new Rabbit Booster or Lucky Chad (or any other crafted item) in order to get the original items back. That’s because under the hood, when you craft a new artifact you’re really minting a new NFT and burning the old NFTs!

Miscellaneous Artifacts

Miscellaneous items don’t increase quota or points by themselves. However, they may be used as ingredients in crafting recipes.

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