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LP in a Pool

How to LP (Provide Liquidity) to Shell
LP tokens on Shell are fungible, so they act like any other token. Also, since Shell AMMs support single-sided liquidity provision, you can LP using only one token type or an uneven split of assets.
In the Shell app, the way to LP (provide liquidity) into pools is by ‘swapping’ from any supported token to a Shell LP token (aka 'shLP' token).

How to LP in a pool

First, select ‘shLP’ as the ‘Swap To’ token in the trade screen.
Then click ‘Select LP token’ and choose your desired token from the list.
Each LP token corresponds with a different pool. The names of the tokens indicate what component tokens they have exposure to. In this example, we'll pick USDT+(DAI+USDC).
Lastly, complete the swap for your desired LP token just like any other swap. This transfers your liquidity into that pool.

Why to LP?

You can earn Shell Points by LPing in Shell pools during the guarded launch. You can also earn a portion of the AMM's revenue earned whenever the pool is used for swaps.
Providing liquidity with Shell. It’s that simple.