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A list of major entities working on Shell Protocol

Cowri Labs

Cowri Labs is the core team behind Shell Protocol. Note that as an independent company, Cowri does not (nor could it) own or control Shell (a decentralized protocol). The Cowri team built Shell Protocol from the ground up, starting back in October 2020 with Shell v1. The company is based in Honolulu, the hometown of its founder. Although team members work remotely from different parts of the world, you can occasionally find them co-working by the beach at Shell Hale (pronounced HAH-leh), Cowri's solar-powered Hawaii hacker house.

Work for Cowri

Are you interested in helping build Shell Protocol and shaping the future of DeFi? Cowri Labs is guided by ideals of financial inclusion and transparency, as well as an interpersonal culture of courtesy, respect, and occasionally a sense of humor. If that sounds like you, please check out the job post for current openings and an application portal.

Alpha Fleet

The Alpha Fleet is Shell’s partner program, currently accepting rolling applications. It will be a coalition of teams and projects creating DeFi tools and apps on Shell Protocol. Members will receive hands-on guidance from the Shell Protocol core team and early consideration for future developer support initiatives. They will also have access to the Ocean’s liquidity — a growing network of liquidity providers eager to explore new projects. You could call it liquidity on tap.
Are you building a DeFi project, or simply exploring new ideas? Check out existing Shell Primitives to learn more about what it means to build on Shell and get inspired, or the Developers page to get started.