A list of major entities working on Shell Protocol

Shell DAO

The Shell DAO is the decentralized entity governing Shell Protocol. It is controlled by the community of veSHELL holders, who govern its on-chain activities through votes and the DAO Multisig.

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Shell Foundation

The Shell Foundation is a Cayman Islands entity whose objective is to promote the growth and adoption of Shell Protocol. Not only is Cayman a leading home for web3 foundations, it also echoes Shell’s island roots in Hawaii.

Just as the Shell DAO represents the interests of Shell Protocol in the on-chain world, the Shell Foundation works to promote the protocol in the off-chain world. Among other things, the Foundation was tasked with handling the creation of the SHELL token.

Cowri Labs

Cowri Labs is the development team behind Shell Protocol. It is distinct and separate from the Shell DAO, the Foundation and the Protocol. Cowri Labs is a for-profit, US-based company that has raised capital from outside investors.

Note that as an independent company, Cowri does not (nor could it) own or control Shell (a decentralized, non-custodial protocol). The Cowri team built Shell Protocol from the ground up, starting back in October 2020 with Shell v1. The company is based in Honolulu, the hometown of its founder. Although team members work remotely from different parts of the world, you can occasionally find them co-working by the beach at Shell Hale (pronounced HAH-leh), Cowri's solar-powered Hawaii hacker house.

You can follow the Cowri Labs Twitter here.

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