Delegating Votes

How to delegate veSHELL


Users with veSHELL can participate in the Shell DAO by voting. However, not all users have the time to be active and informed participants in the governance process. That is why some users choose to delegate their voting power to others.

Delegating votes on Snapshot is permissionless and gasless. You may delegate to any wallet.

You can change your delegate choices at any time. However, once a Snapshot vote is initiated, any veSHELL you had delegated at the start of the block remains allocated to the same delegate, for the purposes of that vote. So, be careful in case a vote is coming up in which you may want to switch delegates.

Delegating your veSHELL never results in a transfer of tokens. Your veSHELL remains yours!

Users can delegate their voting power through Snapshot's UI.

Become a delegate

Are you interested in taking an active role in Shell Protocol governance?

If so, you may want to become a veSHELL delegate. You do not have to hold SHELL to be a delegate. Both individuals and organizations are eligible.

Delegates are not currently compensated, but this could change in the future.

Delegates are expected to be thoughtful, reliable, and active participants in the Shell ecosystem. Some responsibilities include:

  • Provide comments and feedback on governance forum posts

  • Maintain a public profile with open DMs, for example on Twitter

  • Vote consistently on Snapshot proposals and explain the rationale behind each vote

  • Stay informed about developments in Shell Protocol's ecosystem and technology

Prospective delegates should introduce themselves and respond to community questions in the Shell Forum.

Delegate Introduction Template

Delegates are encouraged to share the following information about themselves.


Snapshot profile:


Languages I speak & fluency:

Professional & web3 background:

Why I want to be a Shell DAO delegate:

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