Using Arbitrum

Getting started with Arbitrum, Shell's L2 home



Shell Protocol is deployed on Arbitrum One, an Ethereum rollup. That means you need to move tokens from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum in order to interact with the Shell app. If you've never used Arbitrum before, this guide will show you how to bridge your assets and connect to the Shell app. You can read more about the benefits of Arbitrum here.
Before continuing, make sure to set up Metamask on a desktop browser if you haven’t already.

Step 1: Bridging assets from Ethereum

Before using the Shell app, you'll have to send yourself ETH (and perhaps other tokens) using a bridge. Follow this excellent tutorial for bridging assets or use the quick guide below. Make sure you select Arbitrum One as the network, not Arbitrum Nova.
Arbitrum bridge: https://bridge.arbitrum.io/
In the Arbitrum bridge, select Mainnet as your source and Arbitrum One as your destination. Then select whichever token type you’d like to bridge first. You will need to pay a small gas fee (and potential authorization fee) for each token type you bridge. The actual bridging process will take roughly ten minutes from the time it is initiated.
You do not have to wait for one token type to finish bridging before you start the next one.
Once bridging is completed, success banners will appear for your bridged tokens on the Arbitrum bridge site. Now we can head over to the Shell app and deposit our funds.

Step 2: Connect to Arbitrum from the Shell App

Once you've bridged your assets, navigate back to the Shell app. Click "Connect Wallet". In your Metamask wallet, change the network to Arbitrum One.
Congratulations! You're now connected to the Shell App.
Bob and Alice welcome Arbinauts to Shell World. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.