Multipliers and Boosters

A guide to multiplying your rate of earning Shell Points



There are two ways to multiply the rate of the Shell Points you earn over time. The first is by being vigilant of the multipliers, which are applied automatically but differ over time across various tokens and pools. The second is by applying boosters, which are artifacts from Bro Kwon's Booty.


Boosters temporarily increase the rate at which you earn Shell Points. (Remember, you can’t earn Shell Points until you first have some amount of token quotaβ€”and you’ve deposited some tokens in there!)

There are four types of boosters: Mini Booster (2%), Main Booster (3%), Hyperbooster (5%), and Hand of the Accountant (15%). Mini and Main Boosters last ten days each, while Hyperboosters and Hands of the Accountant last thirty days each. You may activate multiple boosters simultaneously, so long as they are of different types (for a maximum 25% increase if all four are activated at one time).

If you activate two or more identical boosters, note that their powers will be applied consecutively over time, rather than simultaneously together. In other words, you will wait for the first to expire, before the next booster starts. For example, if you activate five Hyperboosters at the same time, you will get a 5% boost over the next five months.


Like boosters, multipliers increase the rate at which you earn Shell Points. Every token or pool has a multiplier attached to it automatically. Multipliers are dynamic, changing as the protocol matures.

You can view and sort by multipliers on the Points tab. These multipliers will allow you to earn more than one Shell Point per dollar day (SP/DD) for holding them. For example, if the LP token of DAI+USDC has a 2x Shell Point multiplier, holding 10 DAI+USDC for 10 days will grant the user 200 Shell Points.

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