Managed Pools

How managed pools could be implemented on Shell

There aren't any managed pools on Shell yet. Want to build one? Check out the developers page.

Market-Tracking Curves

One use case for Evolving Proteus is the creation of market tracking pools. These pools are designed to be updated regularly to align with the trading range of the paired assets.

One method for adjusting the curve is manual control by a delegate, similar to Arrakis. Take, for instance, if Ether's price increases by 50% in USDC terms. The delegate could then adjust the liquidity concentration to the new price point. With this, the curve only needs to be broad enough to encapsulate the majority of the trading range until the next adjustment, not months of price changes.

This market-tracking can also be programmed to occur automatically, with or without a human in the loop. For example, the pool could be designed to follow the time-weighted average price of a token, similar to Maverick, or draw from a source such as an oracle.

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