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Discussion and governance in the Shell community


The $SHELL governance token has not been released yet. There are lots of FAKE airdrop scams out there. Always check the official website, Discord and Twitter before trusting any airdrop announcements.


Web3 Governance

The Shell community uses Web3 platforms for governance.


Snapshot is an off-chain, gasless voting platform. $CRAB votes, Toucan votes, and the ShellDrop DAO currently use it. Shell's Toucan community is one of the largest and most active Arbitrum communities on Snapshot.
These are two of the three branches of Shell governance: Toucan votes, the ShellDrop DAO, and $CRAB governance (a placeholder until the launch of $SHELL). For more information on Shell Protocol's governance, check out the Governance page.
$CRAB and Toucan Votes:

Social Platforms

The Shell community uses web2 social platforms for discussion.


Tip: Looking for alpha? Join the Shell Protocol Discord!
Shell's Discord is the main hub for the community and the fastest way to reach the core team. It is a hotbed of lively discussions on everything from the protocol to toucan NFTs, as well as DeFi at large. For builders, it's a great place to let the community know what you're working on.


Discord roles serve many functions. When you have a question, always check whether the person answering you has a trustworthy role. Different roles let you show off the flair you might have earned while in the Shell community, and some will even give you access to secret Discord channels.
  • Quartermasters (QMs): Shell's community moderators. They help safeguard the community against spam, scams, and negative conduct. QMs keep the whole server not only safe but kind and supportive, too.
  • Skindivers: Members of the core team working on Shell Protocol.
  • Primordials: Original LPs in Shell v1. (This role is now closed.)
  • Toucan [Role]: Holders of the Government Toucan NFT. Levels are as follows. (This role is now closed.)
    • Toucan Wrangler - Owns 1 Toucan
    • Toucan Hustler - Owns 3 Toucans
    • Toucan Magnate - Owns 10 Toucans
    • Toucan King - Owns 30 Toucans
    • Toucan God - Owns 100 Toucans
  • Collector: Holders of limited edition Art of Shell NFTs.
  • Seekers: A mysterious role for seekers of hidden fortune.


Sometimes the Shell team hosts special community events, such as a Shell art competition, DeFi trivia, or in-person meetups. Occasionally there are prizes or other fun incentives to participate. Events are open to everyone in the Discord.


The Shell core team hosts regular community calls on YouTube (formerly on Discord), called the Mindmeld Live. Calls are open to everyone. It's a chance for the team to share updates, anecdotes, and to answer questions from the community. Calls are usually every two weeks but the schedule varies, so make sure you're tuned into the Discord Announcements channel to get notified of the next one.


Not a fan of Discord? There's also an official Shell Protocol telegram channel, however it is a community-run space. That means it's not actively monitored the Shell core team.


Follow the Shell Protocol Twitter account for announcements, giveaways, witticisms, and the occasional back-and-forth with other DeFi protocols.

Mailing List

Are you old school? The Shell team sends out periodic announcements via the mailing list.
Mailing List:
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